Understand How to Find the Right Offer for the Right Person So You Can Make the Right Money

Every successful online business has an offer.

It can be a product. It can be a service. It can be a bundle of all of those things.

It doesn’t matter.

It just matters that you have the right offer.

Simply creating an offer doesn’t mean you’ll make money.

Simply showing an offer to your audience doesn’t mean you’ll make money.

You need to create the right offer to make money.

And the best way to do that is by not creating the wrong offers.

Trust me.

I Know All About Creating the Wrong Offer and How to Waste Time

In fact, I’ve done it multiple times and I’m never scared to tell the story.

I encourage everyone to read my own story so they can understand the struggle of creating an offer that resonates with your audience in a way that they buy it blindly.

Don’t worry, it won’t take you long.

It’s amazing how many people are willing to show you the sales process and how you can make great money with a product or service but never show you how to find that great product or service.

It’s like showing you where the finish line is without teaching you how to drive.

The problem is that if your offer sucks then you stand no chance of succeeding.

So if you’ve tried to create an offer before or sat for months brainstorming different ideas that you could pursue and got nowhere, just know that it isn’t your fault. 

For a very good reason, people like to keep these things secret. Or maybe they don’t really know themselves and somehow just stumbled upon a good idea.

The thing is though you don’t need luck to find the perfect offer. You just need the right system.

No More Complicated Systems

You’ve heard it before. 

All you have to do is follow a 39-step technique, spend 20 years in a specific field, and then invest 100 hours to build that perfect product that will make you money.

But what if you didn’t need to do all of that?

What if you could just do a couple of hours of research and find the perfect idea for a micro-offer that will make you $100-a-day or more?

No pressure to be the expert at everything. 

No pressure to create the most expansive and complicated product known to man.

No pressure to even make the best-designed product the world has ever seen.

That’s right.

You can create something that will make you money every single day without spending the next 6 months holed up in a laboratory trying to think of the perfect offer only to discover that it’s a total flop.

Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to have created a ton of offers over the past couple of years. 

Too many to actually count.

Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it to the point where I can create an offer in a day or two, put it up to my audience, and make thousands of dollars in a single day.

This was a one-day launch on New Years Eve.

And all I have to do is simply send an email letting my audience know that an offer is coming and I explain the offer to them.

Because the offer is always exactly what they want, even if they don’t know it yet, it sells quickly.

Why You Need an Offer

Every day more and more people are looking for solutions to their problems and they aren’t turning to the big corporations. They are turning to people like you because that’s who they trust.

Here’s the thing.

You have the opportunity to get started today on finding your perfect micro-offer for your audience. That means tomorrow you could have an offer already prepared to sell.

Or you could wait until next year. 

But let’s do some math.

If it takes you 21 days to create your micro-offer (it won’t take you this long), then it takes you another 30 days to start reaching the right audience (again, it won’t take you this long), and then you start making $100 a day after 51 days then that will net you:

(365 days – 51 days of micro-offer creation and audience hunting) x $100 = $31,400

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this equation is completely flawed. 


Because once your audience starts to find you and they discover that you’ve created an offer that is perfect for them then you’ll continue to scale higher than $100 a day.

So you have the option to start today or you have the option to wait. For what?

I’m not sure.

Your Offer to Your Audience

Is there any person in the world that doesn’t want to make their life better?

I haven’t met that person yet. 

Walk up to anyone and ask them what you could help them with and they’ll give you a story.

Every single day we want to remove an obstacle to our growth.

Maybe it’s money.

Maybe it’s more sleep.

Maybe it’s helping our kid ride a bike.

Maybe it’s stopping the killing of innocent flowers that you just brought home last week.

There is always some obstacle in the way and people want to know how to remove that obstacle.

So they go looking for the solution.

Every single day, millions upon millions of people are searching for solutions to an unlimited number of problems.

All you have to do is find one of those problems. A very specific one.

And then you create the solution to it.

You already know this system because you do it daily.

Every day you have obstacles that you want to overcome and you don’t know how. Sometimes you go looking for a solution and other times you try to solve it yourself.

The faster you can remove the obstacle, the faster you can move on with life. 

That’s why people will have no problem spending money on the things that you create.

My Offer to You

The Offer Map is your guide to finding the best offer to put together for your audience and how to bundle the different pieces together to give you the best chance of making money.

It dives into the research that is necessary to truly understand the wants, needs, desires, and pain points of your audience.

Don’t have an audience?


It will help you do the upfront work of making sure that you can put together an offer for an audience you’re interested in before you invest any money into your journey.

What’s Inside

The Offer Map is packed. I’ll try to keep it short and simple here.

Masterclass: The Offer Map

Learn The Offer Map System that will allow you to generate new offer ideas no matter the niche.

You’ll be given a step-by-step process that is easy to follow and something you can repeat over and over and over again.

Careful though. You don’t want to end up with 279 offer ideas! There is only so much time in a day.

Workshop: Crafting the Perfect Offer Combinations

Understand how to mix and match different offer formats to craft the perfect offer for your audience.

What? Did you think everything was either a course or book?


Bonus Guide containing 29 offer formats that you can use to build the perfect offer combination.

Workshop: Using Brainstorming Prompts to Generate More Offer Ideas

Even after going through The Offer Map course you might need some inspiration to help you out.

Knowing how to use brainstorming prompts will get the juices flowing and allow you to craft great offers for your audience.

Be careful though. You might find that you come up with TOO many offer ideas.

Bonus Guide with 19 offer brainstorming prompts to make your life easier.

Bonus Workshop: Naming Your Offer

80% of selling your offer is coming up with the right name for it.

In this Workshop you’ll learn the different naming techniques that will help to make your offer stand out from the crowd.

Bonus Workshop: Bundling Your Offer

Nowadays you can make much more money if you bundle your offer with an order bump and an upsell.

What are those?

You’ll find out in this workshop along with how to make sure you create the perfect supplemental offers to increase the money that you make.

Bonus Workshop: Pricing Your Offer

Don’t want to price so high that you chase people away but you also don’t want to price so low that people tell their friends about how they ripped off the Internet Stranger.

Choose the right price that will maximize your return.

Community: Odd Noodle Slack

Is there anything worse than buying an online product and then having no support? What’s the point in that?

With The Offer Map you’ll be given access to our Odd Noodle Slack Community where you can ask me and thousands of others any questions that you have related to your offer and your business.

Never feel like you’re on this journey alone.

What Now?

So now you understand the potential that is out there for you.

You realize it’s possible for you to create a micro-offer that completely changes the game for you and your future.

So now it’s decision time.

The way I see it you have 3 options.

1. Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If we’re being honest, most people reading this page will take this option. That’s why people stay stuck.

2. Figure it out yourself.

This is the path I used to take all of the time.

I like to pretend it was the best path for me but I’ve literally wasted a decade by leaning on my own motivations and experience. 

You can try to understand your audience and create that perfect micro-offer for them. Maybe it will work out great, maybe it won’t. But how many times are you willing to keep on trying until you finally succeed?

3. Let me do the work for you

I created my first failed product in 2003 and I’ve been creating products ever since. That’s almost two decades of experience at your disposal. 

I’m not saying you’ll save two decades since you probably aren’t as silly as me and make the same mistakes, but you’ll save a lot of time and headache by following The Offer Map.

Which one do you choose?

Of these 3 options, what is going to be easiest for you?

Most people will tell you that if they see a great opportunity then they are willing to take it.

But how many often do?

That just shows you that there are two types of people in the world. 

Those that see the opportunity and take it.

And those that think it’s a bill collector and totally ignore it.

Since you’ve read this far, we already know which one you are.

What You’re Getting

Let’s go over this one more time:

  • Masterclass: The Offer Map ($197 Value)
  • Workshop: Perfect Offer Combinations ($97 Value)
  • Workshop: Using Brainstorming Prompts ($97 Value)
  • Workshop: Naming Your Offer ($47 Value)
  • Workshop: Bundling Your Offer ($47 Value)
  • Workshop: Pricing Your Offer ($47 Value)
  • Membership: Odd Noodle Slack Community ($297 Value)

Total Value = $829

Your Price = $37

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your purchase within 7 days then just let us know and I will offer you a full refund.

However, I think you’ll love what’s inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What niches is this for? Every niche in which people are willing to purchase something to make their lives easier or help them progress.

Will you teach me how to create products? No. The Offer Map helps you unlock the offer ideas that you can create to sell to your audience.

It’s focused on the most important part of making money with your online business and that is nailing the offer.

When do I get the content? Immediately.

Is there any support? You’ll get access to our Slack Community with 1000s of entrepreneurs just like yourself ready to help out.

How long will this take to go through and implement? While everyone is going to have their own pace, if you put your head down and do the work then you can get through it all in a weekend.

Get On It Today

The world is waiting for your offer. It’s time to give it to them.